Tetley mascots, Sydney & Gaffer with Simon Bates

Promotional shoot for Tetley’s ‘Find Sydney’ campaign

Here are a couple of shots from the latest shoot for Tetley’s campaign, created by MediaVest. The shots are to support the’Find Sydney‘ campaign across social media: facebook and twitter.

I’ve never been to a radio station before, let alone one where there were two giant tea-folk. But a couple of weeks ago, I headed to London to the studios of Smooth Radio, one of the campaign’s key main partners,  to meet Simon Bates, Smooth’s Breakfast Show DJ along with Sydney and Gaffer…

Tetley mascots, Sydney & Gaffer with Simon Bates

As part of the campaign, packs of Tetley teabags will contain images of Sydney and if you’re lucky enough to find one, then you’ll win £1000!

I’m suddenly feeling like a cup of tea.